Embracing open source for business

Businesses can save money by embracing open source operating systems and applications.  Many businesses use Windows or other commercial servers when a FreeBSD server could easily replace the same functionality with little or no licensing costs, less hardware, lower energy consumption and minimal administration.

Web, database and e-mail servers can be migrated to FreeBSD by utilizing the Samba port for file sharing, Apache and PHP for web, MySQL for database as well as Sendmail and Dovecot for e-mail.

FreeBSD’s Samba port is an excellent way to leverage FreeBSD’s superior speed (vs Windows on nearly any hardware) to create a secure, stable and fast office file server.  Samba is compatible with Windows, Apple’s OS X and Linux clients so it should be universally acceptable to all users.

Apache and PHP make for the groundwork of a flexible and powerful web server with a minimal memory footprint when compared to many commercial alternatives.  Apache is the web server, providing the capability for clients to connect over HTTP to download and interact with web pages.  PHP is a scripting language that enables quick development and installation of web-based applications.

Database servers are essential for compiling, accessing and editing high volumes of information.  MySQL is the best database server and it’s easy to use.  It works well with Apache and PHP or as a standalone database.

Sendmail and Dovecot provide e-mail sending and receiving capabilities for the server and its clients. There are other configurations possible, but for the sake of simplicity and ease of use I recommend this one for most users.

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