FreeBSD 9.0 Released

The FreeBSD DaemonThe latest version of FreeBSD, version 9.0, has been released and boasts a great deal of new features.  Highlights include (as seen from the FreeBSD release announcement page)

  • A new installer, bsdinstall(8) has been added and is the installer used by the ISO images provided as part of this release
  • The Fast Filesystem now supports softupdates journaling
  • ZFS updated to version 28
  • Updated ATA/SATA drivers support AHCI, moved into updated CAM framework
  • Highly Available Storage (HAST) framework
  • Kernel support for Capsicum Capability Mode, an experimental set of features for sandboxing support
  • User-level DTrace
  • The TCP/IP stack now supports pluggable congestion control framework and five congestion control algorithm implementations available
  • NFS subsystem updated, new implementation supports NFSv4 in addition to NFSv3 and NFSv2
  • High Performance SSH (HPN-SSH)
  • Flattened device tree (FDT), simplifying FreeBSD configuration for embedded platforms
  • The powerpc architecture now supports Sony Playstation 3
  • The LLVM compiler infrastructure and clang have been imported
  • Gnome version 2.32.1, KDE version 4.7.3
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Google Summer of Code Projects started

FreeBSD News Flash: The FreeBSD Project again received many high quality applications from students participating in Google’s Summer of Code program. This year 18 student proposals to work with the FreeBSD Project were accepted as part of this program. For those with projects that were not accepted this year, we’d like to note that the FreeBSD Project is always willing to help mentor students so they can learn more about operating system development through our normal community mailing lists and development forums.

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FreeBSD 8.1 beta coming soon

The FreeBSD 8.1 code freeze is scheduled for May 24th.  A beta release will be publicly available on May 28th.  The more testing that can be done by the community, the more bugs that can be worked out before the release.

Currently the official release is scheduled to be available on or after July 9th.  8.1 will be a long term release of the FreeBSD operating system.

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