FreeBSD 8.0 installation walkthrough

FreeBSD, and the other BSDs, are exceptionally stable and powerful operating systems, but they can be quite different from Linux. Although they share common principles and ideals, and a huge amount of software, when it comes down to it, FreeBSD and Linux are two different beasts. This doesn’t make FreeBSD better or worse, but it is something to be aware of. Perhaps the most challenging thing about FreeBSD is the initial installation. While PC-BSD, another BSD variant, has made a lot of headway in making BSD easy to use, FreeBSD is still king as far as the BSD’s go.

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Envescent launches Open Support Source

Envescent has launched Open Support Source an open source consulting and support divisi0n aimed and addressing the increasing need for professional help with open source operating systems, such as Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD as well as open source applications such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Samba, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Snort as well as other software.  They also plan to offer remote and local support, security audits, forensic analysis and IT consulting services.

Alexander G. Chamandy, founder of Envescent said of the new division, “Open Support Source has over 15 years of collective experience with open source software.  Our skilled technicians enjoy working with open source as well as contributing to the open source community.  We believe this is a natural extension of our core expertise and a great opportunity to enhance our presence with small businesses that are considering or have already adopted open source solutions.”

Visit them on the web at www.opensupportsource.com or call 866-536-3001 for more information about their products and services.

The fate of Yahoo

Yahoo is a major FreeBSD user with a long history.  Will that change if they’re bought out by Microsoft or sold off in pieces to likes of Google or AOL-Time Warner?   Would a merger in any way materially impact The FreeBSD Project?

Why move?

Yahoo’s corporate usage of FreeBSD has proudly represented the stability, power and security of the open source operating system.  Unfortunately all of the potential companies that are interested in Yahoo aren’t avid FreeBSD users.   The technology would be incompatible and the buyer’s implementation would likely be favored for all of Yahoo’s services.  It’s worth noting that there have also been murmurs of Yahoo moving away from FreeBSD in the past.

Who’s bidding?

Microsoft seems to be at the top of the list in a wave of seemingly manic gyrations between anticipatory buyout talks and slamming Yahoo’s valuation.

Google has been offering to “partner” with Yahoo.  Partnering really means Google would be handling the advertising and potentially search engine functionality for Yahoo.

AOL’s former executive and AOL-Time Warner have made noise about a potential merger or partnership.  This is probably the least feasible of the bids, but it is another example of a large corporate entity that would shift Yahoo’s determination away from FreeBSD.

What’s next?

Expect the deal to start taking shape soon.  If it is approved by the DoJ it will take place over the course of several years.  Massive layoffs at Yahoo would be forced and a lot of their technology would be moved over to whoever ends up owning Yahoo.   I for one hope this isn’t the case because diversity in searching and Internet information aggregation should be increased, not reduced.  Obviously there could be a detrimental impact on FreeBSD’s visibility as well.

The big picture

No matter what happens with Yahoo, FreeBSD’s future remains bright.  Just recently I have been successful in finding receptive clients through my consulting endeavors with Envescent.  They are willing and even excited to run FreeBSD for their back office operations.  We are seeing first hand that the private sector is growing more amenable to open source solutions and Microsoft’s dominance in small business IT is fading.

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