The Evolution of NetBSD

In 1969, the Defense Department started the ARPAnet. That same year, a Bell Labs hacker invented Unix. The ARPAnet evolved into the Internet, and one of the descendents of Unix is NetBSD. Ken Thompson had been working on a time-sharing system for Bell Labs when the project was cancelled. Meanwhile, Dennis Ritchie had invented a new programming language […]

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Intel vulnerability could hit FreeBSD x64 systems

A recently discovered vulnerability that affects 64-bit FreeBSD systems running on Intel hardware could lead to exploitation of higher privileges by users that already have local system access.  Intel adamantly claims that the vulnerability is a result of software implementation issues, rather than their processors. The FreeBSD security advisory regarding this matter states the following […]

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FreeBSD 8.1 beta coming soon

The FreeBSD 8.1 code freeze is scheduled for May 24th. The beta will be publicly available on May 28th. The more testing that can be done by the community, the more bugs that can be worked out before the release.

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